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3:01 p.m. - 2002-12-08
That's the meaning of Xmas Charlie Brown - Linus.
The strangest things get me into the yule. I just heard a double-shot of christmas goodness and now....bring on the holidays! (Is there a Hickory Farms stand around here? I feel a cheese-log binge a-comin'!) The songs were "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses and Wham's inter-stellar hit "Last Christmas". *sniff* My stocking goes up tonight!


So, I'm fighting an addiction now: blogging. I write the most incredible bolgs in my head - all day. And then when I get on here, I'm like, ".....uh...hi.....".

My best blogs come to me in that space between awake and dreaming. They're to die for, but then I wake up and they're gone. But then, I don't think a blog should be so deliberate or forced anyway. I'm STILL searching for my voice however. All the blogs I read seems so honest and personal. People write about serious stuff and personal experieces. I mean, I try to, but even when I do it's all so tongue-in-cheek. I guess I'm shy and this is my defense mech. Patience and time.....Patience and time...


There's this artists' commune/cult an hour or so away from here in the mountains of North Cakalaky. They call themselves Zendiks. I bought one of their 'zines once. They have a fairly cool mantra/raison d'etre, but I AM a bit disturbed about their captialization of words that shouldn't be capitalized. Like when they talk about concepts such as Greed or Money or Power. See for yourself - and at the very least click on "The Place". The religion and politics I can do without...

Another 'zine floatin around my house is "velvetpark" for NYC lesbians. I have a good friend that does some art work on it. Check 'em at


Got some Genesis stuck in the ol noodle just now - "It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all."